To our readers, our company’s mission is to provide you with the tools
for a cleaner environment. We spend countless hours to create innovative and efficient energy solutions. Omni Voltage Solutions is always striving to better not only our technology but our service in order to better meet customer demands and expectations of our Level 3 DCFC products in the EV charging industry. Our specialties include EV charging systems for sites like Gas Stations and more!

Omni Voltage Solutions are an environmentally conscience company
and implement the three R’s which are, to Reduce C02 levels, Reduce
Air Pollution, and to Reduce garbage when it comes to our business products and model. We strive to create the most efficient and eco friendly products to supply
them to our customers in order to accomplish our mission daily.

Here at OVS we have come together because we saw how one person can make a difference in this world and how that one person can introduce our mission to others. “Let earth breath again” Our founder of this company realized
that earth does not have much time and he wanted to be that one person that not only dreams of a change but to put his dream into action. He wanted to be the connector between people and business. And ever since then we have offered our green method to people that share the same kind of goals and dreams for our world.

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