KETOSCAN mini Mobile App

Am I doing the right diet now?
Meet KETOSCAN Mini mobile application ‘KETOSCAN’ that will analyze your body fat burning rate in real time and perfectly support the low carbohydrate high-fat diet (LCHF).

KETOSCAN Mini is the product that can be interfaced and used with KETOSCAN App at any time and any place, it measures ketone level, shows changing status at a glance and helps track your data.

Starting KETOSCAN Mini

Measure your ketone state faster and more precise than any others

STEP1 Download

At App Store or Google Play Store, search and download KETOSCAN

STEP2 Bluetooth Pairing

Run the app first then power on the unit. The app will find your unit and pair device

STEP3 Start Measurement

Pull out built-in mouthpiece slot and blow into the unit for 3 seconds

The features of KETOSCAN App.

KETOSCAN Level Guide

KETOSCAN mini displays 13 levels of acetone concentration readings, ketosis level, body fat burning rate per hour and a brief comment about your result.