Sensor replacement service


The high-grade sensor in Ketoscan mini is always exposed to interfering gasses, saliva, temperature fluctuations and humidity. So device is locked after 300 test cycles (max 320) to maintain its quality and accuracy. Sensor replacement and re-calibration are necessary. Return the device to our service center.

Over time(300 test cycles-320max), the self diagnostic test mode is less effective and KETOSCAN mini will not provide accurate results.
Device is locked after 320 test cycles.
Sensor replacement(and calibrated) your KETOSCAN mini will be as good as new!

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Why the sensor replacement is required

The KETOSCAN mini uses a very sensitive sensor that detects a very low concentration of millions of parts per million (ppm) to measure ketones with acetone. If you use sensors frequently, it will inevitably need to re-adjust accuracy due to contamination by various interfering substances in your breath, and this process is called calibration. Since calibration alone cannot fully revive the sensor, Ketoscan provides a sensor replacement service to replace and calibrate the sensor with a new one.

What is the process of sensor replacement service?

When is the sensor replacement required?

1. When using KETOSCAN mini more than 300 times
2. When using KETOSCAN mini for more than 1 year
*Whichever comes first

KETOSCAN mini provides 20 additional measurements upon reaching 300 times use and stops the instrument entirely upon completion of 320 times use.
From the time of reaching 300 usage times, the KETOSCAN app provides messages 3 times recommending sensor replacement. Please apply for the service to avoid any inconvenience.